Opening of Maison Samira Maatouk at ABC Verdun

A new café bistro that mixes professionalism and know-how

Beirut, July 25, 2018:

Maison Samira Maatouk has launched its new branch at ABC Verdun in the presence of more than 500 political, diplomatic, economic, social and media personalities as well as celebrities. The numerous guests were attracted by this new concept of the café bistro and could experience the great variety of coffee, tea, pastries and food that Maison Samira Maatouk offers in a wonderful atmosphere enchanted by the various artistic shows.

Maison Samira Maatouk offers a unique concept of coffee as it has      created the possibility for each customer to customize his own coffee blend.

Mrs Samira Maatouk, Owner and Chairman of Maison Samira Maatouk, declared during the opening “this unique coffee concept started in Beirut since 1960 and today we are expanding from the UAE to all over the world. Mrs Samira stated “we are open to each and every serious investor who believes in our successful project and would like to a get a franchise anywhere in the world. We are ready to globalize our concept after long years of development experience and success.”

Mrs Maatouk ended by saying “Maison Samira Maatouk is not only a local name but has become an international brand name”.

Knowing that Maison Maatouk was established in 1960 by

Mr. Mahmoud Maatouk in Lebanon and his daughter Samira Maatouk took over since. Recognized for being a successful, hard-worker, passionate and ambitious businesswoman, Samira Maatouk took Maison Maatouk to a higher level by spreading the high quality and know-how of coffee in UAE, the Arab world and all over the world. She has launched more than 30 branches of Maison Samira Maatouk across UAE and today in Lebanon, her country of origins.

This event was organized by Eyestrategy Business Communication sarl owned by the writer and TV personality Karen Boustany who is in charge of the communication and branding of Maison Samira Maatouk in Lebanon and in the UAE.