/ Organization

At Eyestrategy we believe that it takes a team to be a winner. After twelve years of experience in advertising, and direct contact with clients in different fields such as :

Food and Beverage, Alcoholic drinks, Banks, Telecommunication, Jewelries, Furniture, Pharmaceutical companies and others, we are sure to maintain a strong and reliable structure that we convey to our clients and the products they advertise.

/ Mission Statement
It Takes twelve years for a whisky to mature.
It takes twelve months to make a year.
It took us twelve years to create a unique advertings agency that delivers creative busniess ideas.
Twelve years of experience in the field of adverting and marketing.
Twelve years of creativity, knowledge & observation.
Twelve years during which we have learnt from other’s mistakes and from ours.
we were born talented.We learnt to be professional. Because it’s all about strategy. We succeed.
Show me your capabilities… we’ll show you midnight’s rasing sun.
Advertising like you have never heard before. Advertising like you have never seen before. Eyestrategy, an agency out of this world!

/ Client Servicing Department
A young and dynamic team, hightly educated, competent and above all warm and sociable.
At Eyestrategy you will feel at home…
We partner with our clients to deliver solutions across every aspect of marketing communications that will build their businessses.
We translate business strategies to commucations strategies.We follow up to creative team as if we were the client himself.
We coordinate between the client, the creative department and the media department.

/ Creative Department
A young and dynamic team, competent and above all daring. At Eyestrategy you will feel rewarded… your ideas are understood and thus put on papers, on billboards, on TV…
They are heard and seen all over the country and even overseas! We are the engine, you are the fuel!
How about a walking tree? A red banana or a smiling cloud? Everything is possible.
You just have to Believe.

/ IT Department
Our IT department is the key to a successful website.
Easy to browse and free of all technical inconvencinces, your website will be always a pleasure to visit you will be assisted 18 hours per day, alway with a smile.

/ Product & media Department
A young and dynamic team, up to date, with an outstanding technical know-how. At Eyestrategy you will fell happy… till the end.
A professional team, taking care of all your projects into details. The production manager will retouch the final design till you get a perfect image. the media manager will provide you with very competitive media deals, with the best locations and will book all prime times.
At Eyestrategy, you will simply feel out of this world!

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